No full albums !!! Only demo recordings, reh ep tapes from the 90's !!!!!

Inearthed - Implosion of Heaven (demo 94)

01. Chaos
02. Shards of Truth
03. Implosion of Heaven
04. Tss, Ahh!!!


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  1. Children of Bodom released all of their demos under this name. When they did get a record deal, it was with a small Belgian label. Their record-deal was considered a 'rip-off'. The band recorded their first album, "Something Wild", but before its release, they were contacted by Spinefarm, who wanted to sign them. Since they were already signed to another label, they had to fake a split-up and change the band's name (to 'Children of Bodom') to be able to release "Something Wild" through Spinefarm Records.